Episode 100 – You Can’t Fake Love

Co-Host Russ McKay

Co-Host: Russ McKay - My Dad

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For this milestone episode of the big show, having the best co-host ever was a must, if not a moral imperative.

The choice was obvious, given that he’s my biggest influence and greatest role model. It’s none other than my Dad, of course…Russ McKay.

This is the first time in the eleven year history of X & Y Communications that I’ve done an audio with him, and to say it was well worth the wait is an understatement. As he describes what has made his relationship with my Mom so exemplary for over 55 years, he mixes in a golden take on love at first sight along with gems like “you can’t fake love” and “love is the one touch with infinity that we can have as human beings”.

You hear the term “rock star” thrown around glibly to describe anyone who’s truly amazing.  But it’s literally true in Dad’s case. You’ll hear what it was like to play to voracious crowds in 1961 sub-Saharan Africa–all bankrolled by the US Navy.

After that, you’ll get shocking revelations about working with supermodels and other legendary fashionista as a real-life ‘mad man’ in New York City.

But what’s truly going to fry your circuits is how a working-class Baltimore guy was able to make friends with billionaires, Hall of Fame athletes and even the Royal Family…all of whom loved him and welcomed him into their social circles.

Out of breath yet? Stay tuned…because Dad also has the secret to being witty on the fly and the voice of experience on how to be a real man.

These days Mom and Dad are retired, living in North Carolina.  Dad is staying busy, though, writing children’s stories and even full-on musical productions.

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