Episode 101 – Find Your Passion And Leave A Legacy

Co-Host Michael E. Gerber

Co-Host: Michael E. Gerber - Beyond The E-Myth

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Will you leave this world better than you found it? Will you be remembered or even revered for the positive influence you had?

Remarkably, the vast majority of men walking this Earth not only have no answer for those questions, they don’t even care. Why is that? Do we lack passion, leaving us unmotivated and apathetic?

Well, my co-host for this episode is the world famous author of the mega-bestselling E-Myth book series and self-proclaimed ‘Chief Agitator’, Michael E. Gerber. Now 80 years old, Michael has been rattling the cages of countless would-be entrepreneurs for over 40 years, and is widely considered the father of modern-day business coaching.  Inc. Magazine has dubbed him the #1 small business guru of all time.

But despite his infamous reputation for disruption, Michael is one of the warmest–and wisest–men you’d ever hope to meet. Listen in as he shares brilliant and at times wholly unexpected angles on how to leave your legacy…and why you should want to.

Oh, and there’s one other bit that I had to make sure Michael talked about. He married his lovely wife at age 70, and she absolutely adores him. Whether you’re 20, 30, 50 or over 70 sit back and get inspired by Michael’s joy for life and boundless vision.  Not only has he just published his latest book, he’s currently starting an entire new enterprise (called Dreaming Rooms) from scratch.

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