Episode 105 – Is Anything I Ever Do For You Good Enough?

Co-Host Iris Benrubi

Co-Host: Iris Benrubi - Simply Success

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Have you ever felt like whatever you do for a woman it’s never good enough? Worse…have you been left thinking that no matter what ANY man does in a world with so much ‘man bashing’, it’s always going to be flat-out wrong?

Obviously, any well-meaning man with solid intentions can be left thoroughly frustrated with a quickness. That’s why I brought in my long time friend Iris Benrubi, who is a genuinely man-friendly licensed psychotherapist.

Find out how seeds of discontent in your relationship with a woman–and her relationship with you–were actually sown in early childhood.

And wait until you hear the fascinating truth about how the mental trigger of ‘getting beat by a girl’ when asking a woman out ends up screwing up your relationship with her later.

Also, why some women are so good at ‘gaslighting’ you and triggering your ‘hot buttons’…and what to do when it happens.  I mean, are all relationships necessarily adversarial?

Finally, you’ll also get true clarity on who should apologize to whom, and when…all the while gaining personal power and respect instead of squandering it.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 105 – Is Anything I Ever Do For You Good Enough?

  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your lives with us all and inspiring us to make yet another change for the better in our lives. When a few years ago a man 20 years younger than me first mentioned taking 100% responsibility I began to laugh with happiness because I realised that it was something I had been struggling with. And it proved to be a real game changer in my relationships so it’s good to hear it again!

    1. It’s a pretty rotten state of affairs when Scot has to specifically designate his guest as “genuinely man-friendly.” That says more about the male-female relationship situation as it currently exists domestically than a 1000 word commentary on this subject.

      1. Fair enough. But there are relatively few dating/relationship coaches out there who, like Emily and me, are equally adept at coaching women and men. Whenever I encounter one, I take note and respect it.

        On top of that, the particular subject matter of this show compelled me to assure listeners up front that Iris wasn’t at all going to “pile on”. As you’ve duly noted, there’s enough “man bashing” out there to warrant an extra measure of clarity there.

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