Episode 108 – How To Know What You Want In Life And Make It Happen

Co-Host James Swanwick

Co-Host: James Swanwick

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The idea of ‘radical transformation’ appeals to nearly everyone. Most of us would love to be the best version of our most authentic self. But what do you do if you don’t even know what you want…or who you even are?

My co-host this time is serial entrepreneur and former ESPN SportsCenter host James Swanwick, who has done more thinking AND acting on this topic than most.  So much so, in fact, that he’s rid himself of the television in his living room and replaced it with a fully-stocked bookshelf.

Among the deep, life-changing questions we tackle in this episode are: Do we recognize when we’re the ones causing ourselves problems, purely because of the bad habits we’ve let creep in over time?

What if you know you a certain habit is killing you, yet you somehow can’t find the will power to stop?  The thought that came to mind was, “Fess up when you mess up.”

Anytime you make a decision to change for the better, you’re going to encounter resistance. Find out the unexpected places it comes from and how to counter it successfully.

You’ll discover weird but powerful ways to live your passion and achieve wild success without burning out like a workaholic.

Find out why the part of your life most people treat as a “throwaway”–or even a total waste–might be the most strategic time you spend in your entire day.

How do you weigh the risks of going for it in life relative to the rewards?  Can you know for sure if you should really jump in and commit to the change you want…when you know there could be dire consequences for failure?

And wait until you hear this ex-Sportcenter host’s surprising thoughts on sports fandom.

For good measure, you’ll also get random thoughts on why Australian guys think whatever beer you’re drinking is piss water, and how porn actresses are probably more famous than most mainstream celebrities.

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