Episode 109 – Do Men Even Have Rights Anymore?

Co-Host Linda Gross

Co-Host: Linda Gross - The Men's Advocate

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Emotions are at a fever pitch regarding the state of male/female relationships nowadays.

We as men are told our masculinity is ‘toxic’, even as the very women who say so seem to claim masculine traits for themselves.  What is the agenda there?  If we’re not to be masculine, then what do we replace it with?  We already know that being neuter isn’t sexually attractive.  Are we supposed to fall into the feminine…assuming masculinized women desire a turn at giving us a taste of the oppression they believe we as men have caused them?  All that does is create division and bitterness.  Can’t men and women simply respect each other while remaining true to our respective sexual nature?

If only it were as relatively uncomplicated as that.  The problems run much deeper…and have more poignant ramifications.

Men are not just losing custody of their kids, they’re not even allowed to see them anymore…even when they’ve done nothing wrong.  And most of us fear that a mere indication of sexual interest will read as sexual harassment, leaving us with dire professional or even legal consequences.

Worst of all, guys are finding themselves in bad situations with virtually zero recourse…and not even a chance to defend themselves.

So then, what if you know you’re not ‘toxic’, and only wish to treat a good woman right? Do you have to suffer the social consequences of what some other guy did to the woman in your life? Should we fall for the propaganda that we as men should just “shut up” and that we don’t even get a seat at the table where we are summarily judged?

Well, my co-host for this episode is Linda Gross, a female men’s rights advocate who is about to fry your circuits.

Is it possible there’s a government conspiracy in place against nuclear families?  (Hint:  As with most political situations, follow the money.)

Whatever happened to the “best interest of the child”?  Are even male judges anti-man nowadays?

Can women really cry “rape”…even with consent?  Is “feminism” or “Feminism” (there’s a difference) really to blame for all the problems?

Are good, well-meaning women truly just as damaged by the current state of affairs as men, whether they even realize it or not?

Are naturally heterosexual men turning gay out of fear or disdain toward women?  And are those guys also, in many cases, becoming the most influential masculinity and men’s rights experts these days, presumably because they’re considered exempt from the perception of having sexually oppressed women?

Get thought-provoking answers to all those questions and more.  Plus, receive golden advice from both Linda and me on how to make sure you’re never accused of rape…which goes WAY beyond the obvious.

What can good men of character like us do to make a stand for men in today’s world? Stand up and cheer when you hear my final take on this whole matter. Listen for good, solid, common sense…which is unfortunately not so common anymore.

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