Episode 111 – Why Men Don’t Care About Their Health

Co-Host Jed Diamond

Co-Host: Jed Diamond - Men Alive

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How is it that we can wax our car, tune race engines to perfection, make sure our guitars stay immaculate and keep the dust off of our trophies…yet we don’t give a rip about our own health most of the time?

My co-host Jed Diamond from Men Alive has been wondering aloud about that for the last forty years. Jed is a long-time advocate for men’s health, true masculinity, strong character and functional male/female relationships. What’s more, he’s a hell of a great guy.

In this episode we explore why so many of us seem so hell-bent on finding what we love and letting it kill us. Discover all the warning signs that you’re letting your health slip, including the ones that the women we love issue to us.

What is ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’ and how do you keep it from happening to you?

How can you take back control of your health today, living a longer, happier and more masculine life?

You can also look forward to my epic closing rant on doctors and health care…one I’ve had pent up for YEARS now, just looking for the right time and place to be unleashed.

Discover all about Jed and Men Alive at http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com/jed.


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