Episode 112 – Lucid Dreaming Sexcapades And Other Surreal Sleep Adventures

Co-Host Chris Hammond

Co-Host: Chris Hammond - World Of Lucid Dreaming

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People talk about making their dreams come true all the time. But what if your dreams WERE truth?

My co-host for this episode is Sydney’s own Chris Hammond, the Chief Lucidity Officer at World Of Lucid Dreaming. You sleep up to a third of your life, so why not make the most of it? Lucid dreaming is a learned skill that allows your conscious mind to take over your dreamscape…without waking up.

If you’ve already done it before, you know it’s not only freaking EPIC, it leaves you challenging your very perspective on what ‘reality’ actually means. After all, your mind manufactures both your internal perceptions and your complete external reality on the fly…even including original works of art and music in the mix.

Chris and I dare to talk about the most insanely bizarre aspects of lucid dreaming including time travel, superhuman skills, putting your unconscious mind into ‘auto’ mode so you can compete against it and yes…how to call any woman into your dreams and seduce her.

Plus, did you know you can actually practice skills while you sleep and quite literally improve them in the ‘waking world’?

Basically, prepare to have your face melted off by this one…and I didn’t even mention how Japanese scientists are already recording people’s dreams and playing them back.


Discover all about Chris and World Of Lucid Dreaming at http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com/dream.

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