Episode 117 – How To Find A Feminine Woman Who Actually Loves Men

Co-Host Lisa Bilyeu

Co-Host: Lisa Bilyeu - Relationship Theory

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Okay, here it is… Even though there are more high-profile men being outed as sexual assailants every day, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a monster simply for being male and attracted to

Yet more guys than ever before are at a total loss as to how to even talk to women, let alone express romantic interest.

And an even more profound challenge seems to be even finding a woman who still loves, adores and appreciates a real man…especially US.

Meanwhile, the greatest tragedy of all is it seems the most significant collateral damage to angry 3rd-wave Feminism has been femininity

Well, for this show I’m joined by none other than Relationship Theory host and Quest Nutrition co-founder Lisa Bilyeu, who was genuinely excited to discuss how we as men can find a strong, empowered yet feminine woman who is all about honoring your masculinity.

I mean, let’s face it.  Feminine women who love men are amazing, and they’re all the more incredible when they’re badass chicks who are ready for life adventures, deep conversations and going “all in” on whatever the two of you plan together.

Hell yeah.  No “shrinking violets” need apply.

Let’s just say Lisa fits the description.  I’ll admit that in some previous shows I’ve felt compelled to carry the content a bit.  That’s not the case this time.  Lisa is smart as a whip and she flat-out gets it.  You are going to LOVE what she has to say about men, women and relationships.

So hey…If you’ve found yourself feeling a bit jaded by all the gender politics swirling around in today’s world, you’ll find Lisa’s message–and her whole persona, really–to be a breath of fresh air.

This episode is guaranteed to energize you to live your truth as a man, even as you’re meeting women and getting to know them.

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I’ve been asked more and more lately about what to do nowadays…given how it looks like virtually any man can get charged with sexual harassment (or even assault) and hanged in the court of social media.

This very podcast episode is gives you solid answers to that very dilemma.


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