Episode 118 – Cheating

Co-Host Benjamin Ritter

Co-Host: Benjamin Ritter - LIve For Yourself Consulting

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How have we gone over ten years without covering this topic?

Dating and relationship coach Benjamin Ritter of Live For Yourself Consulting joins me to talk about what cheating is, people who cheat and why they do it.

We reveal the huge mistake people make when beginning a relationship that practically dooms them to cheating accusations in the future. I also share the shocking conversation I had with Emily that has cheat-proofed our relationship for nearly 12 years and counting. Then we talk about whether or not to tell your significant other if and when cheating happens.

Is it true that once you’re a cheater, you’re always a cheater? Does having sex with someone else really have to mean a horrible, cataclysmic end to the relationship? Meanwhile, is distaste for the thought of someone else having sex with your partner simply a social construct…or even a limiting belief? Plus, hilarious observations about how Facebook actually compels people to cheat.

Finally, we’ll show you how to know if she’s been unfaithful and a genius way to confront her about it.

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