Episode 119 – How Has Meeting And Relating To Women Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Co-Host Suzanne Oshima

Co-Host: Suzanne Oshima - Dream Bachelor

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What I appreciate about my long-time friend and female dating and relationship coach Suzanne Oshima is how level-headed her advice is. That made her the perfect co-host for this particular episode, where we uncover the ways approaching women and relating to them has evolved over the last decade.

And wow…it’s amazing to think how far the world has come since the first episode of X & Y On The Fly, or even The Chick Whisperer dropped back in ’06 and ’07 respectively.  We didn’t even have smart phones then, let alone dating apps.

So obviously, there was PLENTY to talk about…

Suzanne starts off by offering her take on the top two things women want in a man, then gives her startlingly up-front–and encouraging–take on how most women view the #MeToo movement.

We also talk about the definition of what it means to be charming, why average guys often get amazingly sexy women and the effect of swiping and social media.

Are you really damned if you do and damned if you don’t when it comes to talking to women nowadays? Is the ‘Mike Pence Rule’ a solid strategy, or is our own faulty self-perception actually getting in the way?

Get ready…because I eventually drop a bomb on this entire discussion, exposing the truth that’s been hiding in plain sight, despite the shroud of politics. With that, I reveal the mere two elements that have to be present in order to inspire a woman to go out with you.

Also, you’ll get the latest report from my in-field sessions with guys, which really underscores my take on the whole social situation nowadays with women.

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