Episode 120 – Get Over Yourself

Co-Host Jeff Shapiro (http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com/shapiro)

Co-Host: Jeff Shapiro - Adventurer, Wingsuit Pilot, Paraglider, Falconer, Ultra-Distance Runner

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Over time I’ve learned–sometimes the hard way–that no matter how cool you are or how cool the stuff you do is, there’s always someone who’s cooler than you and doing cooler stuff. But one of the great ironies in this life is the sooner you realize that and “get over yourself”, suddenly you’re infinitely cooler to everyone else…along with all the stuff you do.

Given this simple (but not easy) social principle, it follows logically that being an arrogant douchebag, when taken to an extreme, is ultimately one of the loneliest existences imaginable. This is an all-important life lesson that too many of us learn far too late in our adult lives, if we ever learn it at all.

No matter how profound your accomplishments are and how much others admire you for them, it’s important to keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Even if you’re a wingsuit pilot.

That’s why I want you to meet Jeff Shapiro. Fair warning: Your first impression of him will likely be that he’s a bigger badass than you and I put together. I found out about Jeff because he kept turning up as a “brand ambassador” for some of my favorite adventure gear companies, including Keen and Kavu.

And that’s no wonder. Dude is not only a world-class hang glider and paraglider, he’s also a champion ultra-distance runner, competitive rock climber, avid falconer, experienced base jumper and yes…a wingsuit pilot.

Jeff Shapiro Takes Flight

But here’s the thing. He’s also a down-to-earth guy who’s incredibly easy to like. As it turns out, he’s much more curious about you and what you’re up to than he is interested in re-hashing his own exploits.

So you can imagine his response when I, having figured out who the hell he really was, suggested talking less about his badassery in this show and more about the idea of “getting over oneself”.

He was stoked. It made for one ridiculously impactful show.

Jeff Shapiro And His Feathered Friend


Here’s what you’ll discover in this action-packed episode:


  • The character trait shared by all people who live life to the fullest
  • Jeff’s thoughts on fear and how to handle it
  • I asked Jeff how he’d compare himself to Evel Knievel, and got a surprising response
  • How Jeff’s demeanor has changed from his younger years until now, and the specific reasons why
  • The ironic benefit of being “over yourself” that is utterly unknown to those who aren’t.
  • The “lightning bolt” life lesson that really helps one stay grounded while earning the respect and admiration of others.
  • Jeff’s profound thoughts on allows top performers to remain so grounded and consistent even when they’re at the top of their game.
  • How does Jeff’s lifestyle affect his relationships with his wife of 22 years and his daughter?
  • “It’s okay to be passionate about things other people think are absurd.”
  • What are some practical steps to “getting over yourself” in the best way possible?
  • The incredible life-lesson young guys should learn if they want to be true achievers
  • Realizing that experiences are more valuable than collecting material possessions is one thing, but listen in as Jeff takes that to a meta level of realization and life application.
  • And yeah…toward the end I didn’t dare leave you hanging. I most certainly asked him about falconry and flying around in wingsuits.


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