Episode 69 – Get Better With Women Faster And More Effectively

Co-Host Angel Donovan

Co-Host: Angel Donovan -- Dating Skills Review

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Bill and Ted once famously asked the evil version of themselves what number they were thinking of: ’69, dude!’ Well, that episode has finally arrived, and to celebrate this momentous occasion I got none other than fellow podcast host Angel Donovan of Dating Skills Review to sit in with me as co-host.

The topic he’s passionate about these days is FAST and EFFICIENT success with women, which sounded good to me. So in this action-packed show we hit the ground running with some CRAZY conversation covering what’s potentially been holding you back from greatness with women (could it be physiological?), how to peg your personal power to the redline, how to end the cycle of going through one book or program after another without getting desired results, and even the unique but DEVASTATINGLY powerful steps I personally use with guys in-field that revolutionizes how many women they meet. (Yes I spill it ALL.)

Plus we’ll talk about why the booming #MGTOW movement is probably doing the OPPOSITE for men as they hope. To top it all off, we’ll even reveal a disarmingly simple step that makes you feel like a MAN instead of a little boy…but not before we demonstrate why single guys shouldn’t drive Nissan Altimas. (huh?)

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