Episode 72 – Going After What You Want Without Regrets

Eric Von Sydow aka "Hypnotica"

Co-Host: Eric Von Sydow aka "Hypnotica"

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Known as Rasputin in Neil Strauss’s book The Game, my co-host Eric Von Sydow has been teaching men the art of masculine power and attraction for over two decades, mentoring legends along the way.

At long last he’s on the show dropping wisdom on how to know what you want, giving yourself the best shot at getting it, and how to handle life’s inevitable pitfalls along the way.  The coolest part about this episode was shootin’ the breeze with a guy whose priorities couldn’t be more different than mine on the surface, but whose overall philosophies are right on the same wavelength.

As you listen to this unique episode, you’re sure to be empowered with a new sense of freedom–especially when it comes to your lifestyle and the women you choose to share it with.

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