Episode 75 – Why Most Of Us Are Killing Ourselves Slowly

Matt Cook

Co-Host: Matt Cook -- Testosterone Rewind

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My guest for this episode is likely to piss you off. But he’s also probably going to save your life. How’s that? Well, what you’re about to hear flies in the face of virtually everything you’ve ever been taught about what to eat (and how to eat it) for maximum health.

You’re not going to like it. Like me, you’ll probably have a strong urge to disagree. You might even think Matt is a total quack, what with the cigar and everything. But the thing is, his advice flat-out WORKS. You’ve got to hear what Matt has to say about bottled water, vegetable oil, potatoes, the right and wrong kind of probiotics, which eggs to buy and even leftovers. Also discover why two of the most basic staples of our diet are contributing to practically every common infirmity. Is that dry chicken breast really the way to lose weight? What’s an even bigger enemy than cholesterol?

What are the common dietary factors tied to longevity? And what are lectins, anyway? NOTHING is sacred, not even the beloved mantra that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Buckle up, pour your cheap shampoo down the drain and listen closely…what you’re going to hear will blow you away.

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