Episode 76 – Dating App Domination

Scott Valdez -- Virtual Dating Assistants

Co-Host: Scott Valdez -- Virtual Dating Assistants

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Just when millions of guys started thinking they could get the hang of online dating, along came Tinder and shook up everything. Mass mayhem has ensued as the sexiest women imaginable started showing up on smartphones…only to NEVER materialize into real-world dates.

Well, if you can relate to that kind of pain, this is your lucky day. I’ve wrangled the stone cold gnarliest hombre west of the Pecos for this show…none other than Scott Valdez from Virtual Dating Assistants. Hundreds of guys literally outsource their online dating to Scott, and he gets results. So you gotta know he has guaranteed hot tips for pictures, profile, messaging and even how to move women from Tinder or Happen to real world meetings in a flash.

How is Tinder different than ‘conventional’ online dating? What mindset shifts do you need to be successful? And best of all, what are the killer hacks that will get women swiping right even as all the other guys shake their heads in frustration. Hang on, because there’s a whole lot of candy being thrown at this parade that others are charging big bucks for elsewhere…and you’re the beneficiary.

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