Episode 78 – Wild Riotous Sex Tonight

Co-Host Susan Bratton

Co-Host: Susan Bratton -- CEO, Personal Life Media

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My co-host Susan Bratton is a really nice, classy lady. But underneath the ‘Lois Lane’ exterior of this CEO of Personal Life Media is one of the most active sexpert minds in the world today.

When you listen to this episode, you’ll immediately love her energy and her friendly style…and you’ll definitely appreciate how committed she is to getting us as guys to be better in the bedroom. But WOW…it’s the endless stream of bang-on accurate sex advice (pun intended) that will keep you tuned in.

This episode is all about giving you the power to thrill the woman in your life with the most mind-blowing ‘sex date night’ of all time, sure to fry your girl’s circuits and addict her to you.

Let’s just say somewhere Barry White is jealous. And hey, with a topic like this one you just KNOW that we brought our sense of humor along…so don’t feel guilty if you find yourself laughing like you’re back in school again. It’s shameless, I tell you, particularly when Susan starts contending with me about how orange is the new black.

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