Episode 80 – Because Women Want Your Hands All Over Them

Co-Host Trace Loft

Co-Host: Trace Loft -- Massage Your Date

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This unique episode kicks off with an exciting announcement. We welcome a new expert to the X & Y Communications team. That’s none other than Trace Loft of Massage Your Date fame.

Now Trace isn’t a smooth talking pickup artist, but since he loves spending time with sexy women he needed to develop a way to get more of them in his life. What he’s discovered (and now teaches) gets right to the heart of what WORKS with women.

Listen in as Trace talks about how to make a woman feel comfortable with you, how to initiate physical contact and even what to do if she has unusually large breasts. We’ll also answer the age-old question made famous by Pulp Fiction: Is a foot massage, just a foot massage?

Count on this episode to challenge your mindset and empower you with a new perspective that just might bring more naked women into your world…just like it did for Trace. Oh, and most incredible part is that they’ll love every minute of it.

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One thought on “Episode 80 – Because Women Want Your Hands All Over Them

  1. Excellent! Some really great points about signals women send out to men they want to.

    This is one instance when it IS imperative to ask whenever there is the slightest uncertainty; but a woman often does take the initiative, especially if they have a sense a man “gets it”… which ain’t always obvious, but opens the door to ask, with good odds of an enthusiastic, if not downright excited “By all means!” or even “I didn’t think you’d ask!” as she kicks her shoes off, squares her back to you to massage, or whatever.

    And a corollary to what you mentioned about drunkenness, is that it’s often a turn-on when a man says he doesn’t care for getting drunk (with the implication he prefers HER to have her wits about her, too).

    You’ve done a service to humankind by posting this, really.

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