Episode 83 – Holding Out For A Hero

Co-Host Justice Donnelly (with Sarah McKay)

Co-Host: Justice Donnelly -- Steal Her Heart

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Maybe you’ve seen the beer commercial that’s been on sports channels lately where all the sexy women are ‘holding out for a hero’. Weirdly, some guys are all up in arms about that commercial, somehow seeing it as an example of how men are disparaged in the media.

But what’s the problem? Isn’t a man SUPPOSED to be a hero…especially to women? And as such, is it really a slap in the face for women to WANT us to be heroic? After all, not enough of us ARE these days.

Here’s what I think…we as guys have simply lost touch with what it means to be a hero, mostly because we have no idea what a hero even looks like. My long-time friend and co-host Justice Donnelly (seen above with my daughter Sarah at a Colorado Rockies game this past summer) from Steal Her Heart agrees. What’s more, both of us firmly believe that BEING a woman’s hero is one of the most valid (and almost supernaturally powerful) ways to feel like a man.

In this epic episode we talk about heroism and role models in a way you’re guaranteed to have never heard before. Find out how heroes aren’t without their faults, and why that’s actually OKAY.

And what about real vs. fictional characters as masculine examples…are most guys fooling themselves, or what?

Plus, get ready for a radical take on the anti-heroism trend in television and movies.

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