Episode 86 – Conquering Fear And Anxiety

Co-Host Justin Stenstrom

Co-Host: Justin Stenstrom - The Elite Man

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Justin Stenstrom is the man behind both Elite Man Magazine and the popular Elite Man podcast. He and I made friends immediately, which meant it was a must to have him on the show.

The unique topic on the table for this episode is facing fears and anxiety, dealing with them when necessary and–when you should–beating them over the head with a shovel until they stop twitching.

Listen in to discover the simple truth that will help you get past habitual worry once and for all. Of course, we also talk about approach anxiety. Plus we’ll define ‘confidence’ for you, before moving on to a no-nonsense breakdown of the fear of failure vs. fear of success.

You’ll also find out why post-modern life really brings LESS adventure for most people, and you’ll get Justin’s three-step process for conquering the fear that paralyzes you.

Justin is running a big time conference in the Boston area this August, and I’m thrilled and honored to be a speaker at it. Find out all the details at http://www.thechickwhisperer.com/elite.

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