Episode 99 – Forgetting “The One Who Got Away”

Co-Host Susan Winter

Co-Host: Susan Winter - Relationship Expert

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Some men firmly believe that every one of us has a certain woman in our life who we think of as ‘The One Who Got Away’. We either had her or thought we did, but the relationship slipped through our fingers and she was gone. The loss can be devastating, throwing us into a vortex of grief for months, years or even decades.

Why is it that we pine for that one woman in our past, even when we know it’s no darned good for us and we need to move on? And geez…what if we let it happen more than once?

Well, according to my co-host, relationship expert Susan Winter, there are actually powerful mind triggers that cause us to pine away for someone so deeply. But thankfully, you can actually use those same psychological principles to reverse course and move on for good.

Susan also explains why there’s never such thing as ‘the last bus’, and I share my own strange but true story of how I loved, lost, lost my mind and finally recovered from the devastating breakup. All that and some hilarious surprises are in store for you in this unique episode.

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