Episode 104 – “Hidden Detractors” That Ruin Your Chances On Dates

Co-Host Suzanna Matthews

Co-Host: Suzanna Matthews - The Date Maven

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You go out with her and everything seems fine…but obviously it wasn’t because she NEVER returns your calls after that.

What happened there?

My guest co-host for this episode is super easy-going and guy-friendly dating coach Suzanna Matthews, aka The Date Maven. In this episode we expose the major ways both men AND women screw up on dates–usually without even realizing it.

In addition to revealing exactly how ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ tends to be his own worst enemy on dates, we boldly delve into touchy subjects like manners, weird dating conversation, bringing the right energy, and attempted humor gone horribly wrong.

Is there such thing as sexual innuendo etiquette? What critical dating mistake do we tend to make more and more as we get older? And what is it that virtually everyone does on dates that’s invariably a HUGE blunder? Is social media actually conditioning you for dating disasters?

Plus, you’ll discover the number one way to get a woman to throw her napkin on the table and storm away. You don’t want to be THAT guy…but no worries, Suzanna has solutions for all of these problems, including what women really, truly want on dates. It’s not what you might think, and it’s actually super easy.

Specific topics include:

  • If women love the ‘strong, silent type’, how come women put him in the JBF zone so much?
  • How are we supposed to ‘bring more energy’ if we’re not exactly the ‘life of the party’ kind of guy?
  • The counter-intuitive way to rescue yourself from getting inside your head and ‘clamming up’ on dates.
  • Finally…what women REALLY want on dates. Weirdly, they really don’t want or need perfection when you’re with them, they’d much rather have THIS…especially early on.
  • Where most guys go horribly wrong when attempting to work some humor into their interactions with women
  • What people do ALL. THE. TIME. on Facebook and Twitter with great delight that’s going to CRUSH your dating life to pieces if you do it live in front of women.
  • How to make sure she laughs at your jokes instead of thinking you’re weird.
  • Everything you’ve ever needed to know about dropping sexual innuendoes on dates (and it’s not what you think).
  • Exactly where ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ loses on first dates.
  • How bad manners derails you on first dates…with hilarious examples ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Hey, did she really say ‘salamanders come out of their mouths’ at 16:35?

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