Episode 106 – How Dating Makes You Stupid

Co-Host James Preece

Co-Host: James Preece - UK's #1 Dating Coach

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We’re taking a break from the serious stuff to go on a protracted (and hilarious) rant about how and why both men and women seem to completely lose their minds whenever they meet and interact with each other.

My guest for this is the always witty and personable James Preece, who is the UK’s number one dating coach. Only two guys with respectively long histories of going brain-dead when relating to women could bring you a tirade this poignant and complete, so get ready to laugh along with us.

We cover everything from meeting women to botched first-date conversation, twisted mindsets and more…including, of course, the mandatory coverage of online dating and breakups.

Granted, this show definitely gets a bit harsh and painful in places, but if you ever feel like we’ve been spying on you in particular PLEASE know that each example we throw on the table is backed by at least several different true stories…if not several dozen. It’s all in fun, but hey…if you get a bolt of lightning here and there that snaps you out of a bad habit or two, consider that a bonus.

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