Episode 121 – How To Market Yourself To Women

Co-Host Renee Piane (http://www.mountaintoppodcast.com/renee)

Co-Host: Renee Piane - The Love Designer

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This seems like a superficial, if not downright crass topic for a show, doesn’t it? It sounds so, well…transactional.

But when you really think about it, it’s exactly what everyone who is successful with MOTOS does, just like what everyone who is successful in business does. After all, marketing is really all about promoting one’s ‘brand’ as positive, intriguing and alluring. Simply put, you have to make others want what you’ve got.

My long-time friend Renee Piane, aka “The Love Designer”, has been in the personal marketing business since 1992. In this episode you’ll hear about what Renee calls “Prince Training”, which works even if you’re not rich, royal and/or classically good looking.

You’ll also get Renee’s Hollywood-insider perspective on why there’s such mass hysteria surrounding sexual harassment and assault at this very moment in time.

Discover the central most important part of establishing positive vibes with women, along with what’s involved in branding yourself for dating success that goes WAY beyond style and how you look. I also ask why it seems women are so much better at branding themselves as sexy and datable than most men are.

By the way, you’ll probably be able to guess that Renee grew up in a house full of male siblings back East long before she mentions it.

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