Episode 81 – Do Women Really Like Sex?

Co-Host Shana James

Co-Host: Shana James -- Sexual Satisfaction Summit

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What…you didn’t think I’d get some dude on this episode, did you? Of course not.

You want straight facts from a woman herself, which is why I got one who’s 100 percent woman all the time. That’s none other than Shana James of AMP fame, who jumped at the chance to do this show. What more would you expect from someone who runs the men’s Sexual Satisfaction Summit these days?

After having coached thousands of men AND women, you’re about to experience the clearest, most direct answers exposing the real truth of the matter. Do women REALLY like sex, or is that a big lie? Get ready for one of the most powerfully compelling (and hottest) episodes ever.

But above and beyond the sheer entertainment value, what makes this a particularly strong episode is that Shana not only settles the issue once and for all, she does a great job explaining the WHYS and the HOWS involved.

In other words, yes…this is not just about “theory”. Shana will spill all the secrets to interacting with women in a way that will make it OBVIOUS to you from now on that women really, truly do love sex.

Add it all up, and this is a “must listen” episode for every red-blooded man…ESPECIALLY if you’ve ever felt like women were at best “teases”, but more likely just flatly uninterested in sex:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 81 – Do Women Really Like Sex?

  1. The co-host seems to be a very likeable, intelligent and attractive woman. But like many of these discussions, what people forget to mention is the fact women have 2 X Chromosomes, which is part of the DNA makeup for women, while men have 1 X (female) and 1 Y (male) Chromosome. The Y Chromosome is the major biological force for masculine behavior. Since females have only X Chromosomes (the biological force for feminine behavior) it only stands to reason that men would be more sexually driven and place sex higher on the list of wants or needs for physical satisfaction. There is much documentation of instances where women with no or little amount of libido were given testosterone therapy and experienced an exponential increase in their sex drive, and have on occasion indicated that they were amazed that most men were able to keep their sexual impulses under control. Simple genetics point out that men are naturally more sexually driven than women.

    1. I’m in no position to argue your points as I’m not a genetics expert. Maybe it would be a solid idea to have one on the show to discuss the “ins and outs” of all this?

      One thing I do know is that women really love sex. In a way, if what you’re saying holds up scientifically then what I’ve observed over the course of my own experience just became all the more curious and amazing.

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