Episode 85 – The Secret Way To Be More Attractive To Women

Co-Host James Knight

Co-Host: James Knight - X & Y Communications

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My co-host, James Knight is also one of our newest team members here at X & Y Communications, along with Rob Brinded.

He’s a world-class expert in human movement with over 17 years of experience helping La Liga players, tour golfers and other athletes achieve peak performance. But most importantly for you, he also knows untold keys to training your body to be more attractive to women…all without you having to learn, memorize, do or even say anything.

Discover how our brains unconsciously trigger love and sexual desire based on primal, animal instincts. Find out what James calls ‘the deep essence of attraction’, and how to keep your head in the game…quite literally. You’ll also hear why our 21st-century lifestyle is killing our inherent attractiveness at a baseline, physical level. And perhaps best of all, you’ll be treated to a class A rant on how attraction is dirty trick from God.

You’ll quickly figure out why we’re so thrilled to welcome both James and Rob (Episode 40) to the team. They straight-up know secrets to attracting women that nobody else is talking about. Treat yourself to their brand new program The Walking Code here: http://www.thechickwhisperer.com/walk.

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