Episode 87 – The First Thing To Say To Her…Texting, Online Or In Person

Co-Host Rob Judge

Co-Host: Rob Judge - Date Hotter Women

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He’s a fast talker, but he’s equally quick on his feet. That can only mean my co-host Rob Judge from Date Hotter Women is a grand master at talking to women.

In response to an avalanche of requests, this episode focuses on overcoming a massive stumbling block for most guys: what to say to a woman first when you’re just starting a conversation with her.

You want real, actionable examples? You got ’em…and it’s way more than just a few. You’ll shake your head in disbelief at some of the magnificent, genius ways Rob will help you avoid drawing a blank.

Better still, whether you’re writing a first e-mail to a woman online, meeting her in person or hammering out your first text to her, we’ve got you covered.

And oh yeah…expect lots of real-world “been there, done that” advice straight from our in-field coaching sessions with guys. Rob and I may have different styles when it comes to meeting women, but that just means you get an even healthier smorgasbord to draw from.

If you think you can handle it, take a deep breath and click this link to learn more about Rob. WARNING: It’s NOT what I usually recommend, at least on the surface. I definitely don’t believe in “mind games”. But once you dig into the program you’ll immediately realize this is pure gold and the real deal. Results speak louder than words.

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