Episode 96 – I Love You Man: Making Friends With Other Guys

Co-Host Kyle Ingham

Co-Host: Kyle Ingham - The Distilled Man

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Have you ever noticed that half of your Facebook friends are from high school? Meanwhile, most of the other half are from college. The crazy part is you’re not alone. After all, half of your friends’ friends are on your friend list too.

What is up with us nowadays? How come it’s so incredibly challenging to make friends with other dudes after you graduate from school? According to at least one survey out there, the average number of close friends the typical adult American male has is…wait for it…zero. That means the number is closer to zero than one.

Remember how there was even a whole movie called I Love You Man centered around this whole issue?  So many of us could easily relate.

The truth is, even though we can make friends so easily when we’re a kid, it tends to feels weird when we’re adults. Could it be we practice talking to women, but never practice talking to other men? Or maybe it’s much more than just that.

Add it all up, though, and most of us don’t have a whole lot of buddies to hang out with.  And deep friendships with men we can really trust and depend on?  Forget about it.

Well, my co-host Kyle Ingham from The Distilled Man and I both have our theories.  In this show we’re not only going to throw every one of them on the table, we’re going to give you step-by-step secrets to building your social circle with male friends and even find some you can confide in…all without looking needy, douchey or worse.

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