Episode 98 – How To Be A Worldly Man, In The Best Way Possible

Co-Host Henrik Jeppesen

Co-Host: Henrik Jeppesen - Youngest Man To Visit Every Country

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At age 28, Henrik Jeppesen makes Johnny Cash jealous.  He’s been everywhere, man.  Seriously…he is the youngest man ever to travel to every country in the world.

Trust fund baby? Guess again… Right out of the gate Henrik gives you his secrets to traveling for very little, or even NO money.

He then reveals the weird but wonderful ways his travels have helped him overcome shyness and fear of rejection…in all areas of life.

After that, we embark on a very cool discussion of what it means to be a “worldly” man in the true sense of the word.  Every man should hear what Henrik has to say, because it has EVERYTHING
to do with attracting women.

Discover the surprising, unexpected reasons why Henrik wanted to go to every country rather than to the same places favored by tourists again and again. Plus, you’ll hear the ironic reason why world adventurers also tend to be couch potatoes in their “downtime” moments.

What are the countries that are really safe contrary to popular belief…and vice-versa?

Best of all, you’ll hear Henrik’s account of being the only tourist in Syria when he went just last year, along with what it’s like to shake hands with the Prime Minister of Libya.

To top it all off, you’ll get Henrik’s golden (and ridiculously logical) advice for those seeking to travel to every country in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 98 – How To Be A Worldly Man, In The Best Way Possible

  1. Hi Scot and Emily,
    I’ve listened to several of your episodes and you clearly have some great advice. I’ve been with my husband for 20 years, he is a wonderful person but I am bored. I’m finding myself interested in men that are more manly than he is. He is willing to try to be different to keep me but I have just lost passion. He’s a great friend but I long to feel passion and just can’t seem to get there even with 7 months of couples therapy.

    He is not interesting or playful, he doesn’t hold me in ways that make me feel womanly.

    Recently I had thoughts about old boyfriends, a male friend and I realize it’s easy to fantasize but how can I get my man to be more manly? To sweep me off my feet. He wants passion back between us and so do I but I’m the one who has lost interest. Do I need to leave and take the chance there is something better for me at age 59? Or, is there something we can do so I can stay with the man who professes big, long-lasting love?

    I want him to be the man, come up with interesting travel ideas and things to do. I want a man to kiss me deeply and it’s not feeling like him. I seem to be leading and if I don’t we just remain in a rut.

    I know you usually help men that want to get the girl. How can he keep the girl?

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