Episode 103 – Manning Up In A Politically Correct World

Co-Host Frank Miniter

Co-Host: Frank Miniter

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Frank Miniter is an author, journalist (Forbes, Fox News, National Review, et al) former editor of two different hunting magazines.

Since his specialties are masculinity and politics, he’s the quintessentially perfect man to have such a poignant conversation with…and with manhood being marginalized more than ever in Western culture, the timing has never been better.

The first thing you’ll find out about Frank is that he not only lives life to the fullest, he’s curious enough to gain as much knowledge as he can along the way. I LOVE guys like that.

Ben Franklin. Teddy Roosevelt. John Wayne. Babe Ruth. Ernest Hemingway. Looking to follow in the footsteps of these manly men, Frank Miniter decided to go to the places we all agree still make men. This quest led him across the world and finally to a secret fraternity of men who keep an ultimate rite of passage alive.

You can look forward to insider tales about running with the bulls in Pamplona and how Ernest Hemingway was a badass.  Even though modern society can’t handle the idea of a true Renaissance Man, men who are both genteel and adventurous are still somehow revered. You’ll discover how to get out of the box and maximize your potential.

Then you’ll be treated to the most compelling and amazing boxing story since Rocky…only this one is one-hundred percent true. Speaking of movies, find out the specific way real men talked in old, classic movies compared to how manhood is represented in modern-day Hollywood.

And what would happen if drill sergeants were politically correct?

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