Episode 122 – Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom

Co-Host Morten Hake

Co-Host: Morten Hake - The New Paradigm

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Know this…my main man Morten Hake is back in the saddle again, after having ascended to great heights only to come crashing down before he even realized what happened.

So what’s his story?  How did he find his way back after hitting such a low point?

Well, in this episode he spills all the secrets, starting with a brilliant tactic he learned from one of his closest mentors.  He also reveals the subtle but dangerous traps he fell into that caused him to squander his early success.

Then we talk about why we run away from our own truth, the keys to feeling more ALIVE and passionate, and what finally caused Morten to stop running from failure and face it head-on.

We also cover the weird ‘on again, off again’ dynamic on Facebook that few people ever notice, plus the insidious enemies to resilience and reaching our personal potential.

Then we discuss how to dig out from under shame and doubt, and the specific ways Morten has bounced back…including his podcast, YouTube exploits and an interest in cryptocurrency.

Finally, Morten shares specific words of encouragement to any guy who’s at his low point right now, including the most clearly-defined element of happiness and how to find it.

Do you have a nagging feeling it’s time to take advantage of the burgeoning cryptocurrency opportunity, but are confused about exactly which way to go?  Well, both Morten and I have, and you can too.  Here are the best secrets from one of the world’s most trusted experts on the subject.


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