Episode 71 – Getting Women To Like You Instantly

Amy Waterman

Co-Host: Amy Waterman

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My co-host for this show is Amy Waterman, whose first interview with me nearly nine years ago (still part of Deserve What You Want) became the stuff of legends.

I’m excited to announce that she’s back from a five year ‘retirement’ of sorts, and this is her very first foray back into the world of men’s dating and seduction advice. As always, Amy has a weird but wonderful knack for understanding male/female interaction in a way few others do. Better still, she is especially passionate about making men uber-successful with women.

Wait until you hear what she has to say about how to make women adore you before you even TALK to them, along with some powerful ways to charm women that leave them breathless. Plus, you’ll get truly unique insights into how men and women think differently, and why knowing the truth is a ‘silver bullet’ advantage over other guys. And hey…just for good measure, why not a word on how to get a woman whose just had a boob job to show off for you?

Man, you just gotta love a woman like Amy who’s ‘pro guy’ all the way.

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