Episode 89 – Turning Shyness Into Boldness

Co-Host Myke Macapinlac

Co-Host: Myke Macapinlac - Social Confidence Mastery

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Did you know that almost everyone experiences shyness?  So why is it we always think we’re the only ones feeling it?

Well, my guest the time around is none other than Myke Macapinlac from Social Confidence Mastery.  Now, you may not have ever felt compelled to eat your lunch in a bathroom stall back in high school like he did, but wherever you are on the shyness scale you’re sure to be inspired by how far he has come since emigrating to Canada from the Philippines at age 17.

I have to admit, I was plenty shy and socially awkward myself back in school, so this conversation with Myke was an easy one to have.  It’s all for your benefit, of course.

Find out what Myke did to beat shyness over the head until it stops twitching, along with six steps you can take to do the same.

Myke’s an easy going, likable guy, so you can look forward to one of the most inspiring episodes in quite some time.

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