Episode 92 – The Creative Evolution Of Text Messaging, And Lots Of Bisous

Co-Host Claudia Cox

Co-Host: Claudia Cox

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Have you ever noticed that all advice about texting women has started sounding the same? Tell her she’s a ‘troublemaker’. Give her a nickname. Don’t send lame, generic messages like, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’

There’s been nothing new for years, it seemed.

Then, along came my co-host Claudia Cox, and ever since we’ve enjoyed an all-new wellspring of creative texting genius.

What…you aren’t in on the secret yet? Well, you will be as soon as you finish listening to this epic episode. Claudia gives you simple but crazy smart ideas on how to separate yourself from the herd of other guys with just one simple message.

Then, she drops brilliant new secrets that’ll make women absolutely adore you…all with the power of your smartphone.

For good measure, I’ll share with you the undisputed greatest moment in my own personal texting history…which led directly to my kissing Emily for the very first time.

Best of all, you’re about to be treated to the most laughter-infused episode of all time. Claudia is all about having fun, and it’s abundantly clear she truly loves men also. That, of course, makes her our favorite kind of female guest around here.

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