Episode 94 – NYC vs. BFE: Dating Differences Between Cities, Rural Areas And Suburbia

Co-Host Rachel Russo

Co-Host: Rachel Russo

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There’s no doubt about it…where you live can have a massive effect on your experience dating and relating to women. My co-host Rachel Russo is a matchmaker in her native New York City, so there’s nobody better to talk urban dating with.

So how about it…do ‘alpha’ career women in a city like The Big Apple have all the power? Rachel’s first-hand take might surprise you.

But what about living in a rural area? If you do, listen in for a counter-intuitive but brilliant secret to meeting more women.

We’ll even hash out how to avoid the same old boring dates if you live in the suburbs.

How is it that people can live in city a population of 20 million and still feel lonely? Are beautiful women everywhere really being jetted to Papeete by billionaires, leaving us ‘normal’ guys with no chance whatsoever?

And most importantly, was that Rachel’s pet pig that oinked at 29:30, or what?

By the way, I realize now it was Eva not Zsa-Zsa, so cut me a break, will you?

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