Episode 102 – The Ultimate Conversation On Consent

Co-Host Mike Domitrz

Co-Host: Mike Domitrz - The Date Safe Project

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Mike Domitrz (rhymes with ‘Amish’) tours the country talking to crowds of men and women about consent. Knowing how confusing, potentially scary and flat-out frustrating this topic is to so many of us as men, this is one of the most anticipated episodes ever.

And you’re in for a no-holds-barred session where everything gets thrown on the table. We dive right in, starting with WTF is happening at our universities and workplaces. Are men under attack simply for being heterosexual?

Then, you’ll discover:

  • How to check off the ‘consent’ box without being awkward, dorky and ruining the moment.
  • The time the cute blonde girl didn’t want to kiss me, and what I did two days later that changed everything.
  • The number one sign of sexual immaturity and why you should run from it.
  • What to do if you don’t exactly feel smooth and cool when it’s time to get physical with a woman.
  • How to handle ‘Netflix and chill’.
  • What to do when she asks, ‘Should we be doing this?’
  • Does ‘yes’ ever really mean ‘no’, and if so what’s a man to do?

Mike also has an answer for for any guy who believes a woman might cry ‘rape’ after consenting.

You’ll even get a fresh take on the strategies of ‘liquid courage’ and getting women drunk.

Plus, you’ll get the definitive word on how giving women a choice isn’t giving your power away, and how to be a man instead of a wimp all the while.

And how does seduction fit into this discussion?

Is Star Wars really ‘rapey’?

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