Episode 95 – Why Women Love To Be Seduced

Co-Host Jennifer Rhodes

Co-Host: Jennifer Rhodes - Rapport Relationships

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Has seduction in the true sense of the word gone the way of chivalry…seemingly irrelevant in today’s post-modern feminist world?

Following on the success of the last episode, join another New Yorker friend of mine, Jennifer Rhodes of Rapport Relationships, for the clearest conversation ever defining true seduction from a woman’s perspective.

Could confusion about this very topic be why men and women are having a harder time connecting these days on first dates? You’ll discover the counter-intuitive truth about the very foundation of seduction itself…and I guarantee it’s the OPPOSITE of everything you’ve ever been taught.

Jennifer will also reveal what women have done to shoot themselves in the foot, depriving themselves of a quality romantic experience with a man. But then again, she’ll also reveal the biggest mistake we as men make that robs us of the chance to be a master seducer.

But the best part is saved for last…get practical tips on how to get the dance of seduction right from now on.

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